As told by the founders

high cascade snowboard camp

1989 / on snow 1990. John INgersoll | John Caulkins

ASJ by kevin english

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Karol Snowboarding camp

1988 / On Snow 1989. Chris karol.

Jean Higgins by (please contact us)

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mount hood snowboard camp

1992. charles arnell.

Andy Hetzel by bud fawcett

Click here to read the full story about Mount Hood snowboard camp, Story told by Charles arnell. Click on the above image for a killer video from back in the day.


rebel skates boarding school

1987 / On snow 1988. john hartung | mike estes | Kris jamieson

click here to find out about the first snowboard camp ON MT. HOOD



1955 / Summer Snow 1979. R.L. Kohnstamm

Story coming soon. In the meantime, enjoy this excerpt from “On Mount Hood: A Biography of Oregon's Perilous Peak,” by Jon Bell: “A lot of people said this whole snowboard thing was just a trend,” said Jon Tullis, the PR director at Timberline. “But back in its early days R.L. Kohnstamm said ‘there’s good energy here. We need to embrace this.’”

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united states snowboard training center

19??. bob gilley.

image coming soon.

Story by Bob Gilley coming soon. . .

windells camp

1991. tim windell.

Tim windell by bud fawcett

Story by Tim Windell coming soon. . .