Confirmed Exhibitions

A Walk through Time | 30 years of Snowboarding

Iconic Images from Mt. Hood

Slideshows by legendary photographers Bud Fawcett & Trevor Graves

tools of the trade | Rails & Rakes - an evolution

by tool and rail pioneers Kurt Heine & Pat Malendoski

Mt. Hood Snowboarding memory lane

by legendary photographer chris wellhausen | a collaboration

a vintage collection

Vintage snowboard collection by april engelbert & Chauncey Sorenson

a Private collection | staff pro models

by Maxx von marbod

Local Color

We are pleased to present Local Color, an exhibition featuring photographs by Blaise Rosenthal. In Local Color, Rosenthal, an artist recognized primarily as a painter, challenges notions of realism and abstraction by presenting immediate representations that reference the illusionary potential of “the picture” while considering the formal questions and qualities of abstract painting.

fishpaw collection

by joey boisineau & Miki Keller

a trip through Mt. Hood

cinematography by Jim Geduldick

brain injury recovery & neuroplasticity

by Jamie Crane-Mauzy |

Spring break | hand shaped snowboards

by Corey smith |

remember camp, remember print | summer camp brochures

by John ingersoll

snowboard flicks | photo displays

outdoor & indoor theaters by projectors

staff pro models | magazine covers

exhibitor needed

entrepreneurs | The brands & businesses created at camp

exhibitor needed

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